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Die Publikations-Software im Finanzbereich

So werden Ihre Research-Publikationen
schneller und kosteneffizienter erstellt!

CS Research ermöglicht Ihnen in allen Phasen der Erstellung, Verwaltung und Verteilung Ihrer Publikationen spürbare Kostenreduzierungen und signifikante Effizienz- und Qualitätssteigerungen.

Nutzen Sie die Herausforderungen  zunehmender Regulatorik, Digitalisierung und erhöhtem Kostendruck als Chance, Ihre internen Geschäftsprozesse mit Hilfe innovativer Softwarelösungen zu optimieren – und sich damit Wettbewerbsvorteile zu sichern! 


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CS Research optimizes your entire value chain – monetary and qualitative!

Become faster and more efficient at every step.
CS Research offers numerous convenient functionalities for both sell-side and buy-side that make your work processes easier, faster and more flexible in all phases of creating, managing and distributing your research publications. This not only saves time and money, but also increases the quality of your work.

Concentrate on your customers.
CS Research takes care of the rest.

No complicated and time-consuming coordination processes, no worries about non-compliance with regulatory requirements. Automated processes take the load off your shoulders and create scope for your actual task: the professional support of your customers.

Take advantage of completely new opportunities and potentials in marketing research content.


Numerous flexible publication options and multi-chaneling functions open up completely new and improved possibilities for a targeted and individual customer approach. And with the White-Labeling option, you can also market your research content to third parties - quickly, easily and highly profitable.

Product benefits CS Research

PV icon weiss Prozessoptimierung
Efficient processes

Fast, easy, creation, management and automated distribution of your research content.

PV icon weiss Flexibilitaet
Maximum flexibility

Various configuration options for individual requirements

PV icon weiss Funktionalitaeten
Comprehensive functionalities

All functionalities of different processes and areas in a single system

PV icon weiss Rechtskonformalitaet
Reliable legal compliance

Reliable compliance with regulatory requirements

PV icon weiss Vermarktung
Optimal marketing potentials

New sales channels, CRM-based customer approach, white labeling and multichanneling

Areas of application CS Research

Thanks to its flexible and individual configuration options, the software solution can be used universally for a wide range of target groups, areas of application and asset classes.

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Target audiences

CS Research  is just as suitable for smaller teams as it is for internationally active financial companies:

  • Federal State banks
  • Privat banks
  • Investment banks
  • Cooperative banks und savings bank
  • Research-houses
  • All fincial services
01 software finanzbereich anwendung

Areas of use

CS Research integrates all users and departments involved in the creation of publications:

  • Research-departmens
  • Back-Office
  • Sales
  • Legal and compliance


06 software finanzbereich anwendung

Asset classes

CS Research can be flexibly adapted to all asset classes existing in the financial market:

  • Equity
  • Credit
  • Economics
  • Fixed Income
  • Interest rates
  • Cross asset
  • Portfolios

Case Study CS Research

„Document Rights“

Development of a simple and flexible authorization concept for documents

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Case Study CS Research

“Multichanneling und Responsive Design”

Development of different presentation forms and output formats of research content for various sales channels and response designs


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Additional marketing via White-Labeling

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All from one source

In addition to high-tech document generation Made in Germany, we offer you Professional Portal solutions and others services  such as Consulting, Support und Hosting of your systems. Because we want you to be successful - internally and externally!

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