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CS Research Frequently Asked Questions


Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about our product CS Research.
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CS Research is the state-of-the-art software solution for creating, managing and distributing research content from the market leader in D-A-CH market Content Software. CS Research offers comprehensive functionalities in the areas of financial data, publication creation, processes and distribution for sell-side and buy-side. In addition to a high degree of automation and the implementation of stable processes, compliance with regulatory requirements is part of the range of services. Research portals are an ideal complement to optimally market the research content.

CS Research is suitable for everyone involved in the creation, management and distribution of research content. From small research teams to international banks, CS Research provides the functionality and services they need. CS Research covers all asset classes: Equity, Fixed Income, Credit, Economics, Cross Asset, Portfolios, Funds, Interest Rates

  • Analysts: Analysts use CS Research to model, manage and calculate their figures and models. Based on this data, research publications or reports are created.
  • Editors/Backoffice: Editors, sometimes also referred to as backoffice, support the analysts in the creation and approval (4-eye examination) of research publications.
  • Compliance: According to the study to be published, Compliance is responsible for the audit. This can be done manually or automatically via an interface. Compliance relevant information such as disclosure or disclaimer can be conveniently managed via CS Research or integrated via an interface.
  • Sales: Sales can conveniently access existing publications and key financial figures. Individual reports can be created quickly or preconfigured reports can be accessed in order to quickly have the relevant data available during the consultation.

There are good reasons to use a research system like CS Research. In addition to the obvious aspects such as fulfilling regulatory requirements for archiving, traceability, robust creation and distribution processes, there are reasons such as automation and digitization so that you can create research content faster and more productively. What sets CS Research apart, however, are concepts and functionalities that go beyond these mandatory topics. Using multichanneling, responsive design, White-Labeling and our "All from one source-concept" we put you in a position to optimally market your research content, open up new markets and offer modern functionalities and forms of presentation for your customers.

CS Research supports three procedures for the production of research publications. Each method covers specific requirements:

  • Office generation via Word and Powerpoint: As an integrated AddIn, analysts have access to CS Research to create publications or presentations directly via Word or PPT.
  • Web generation: Integrated into a portal or as stand-alone functionality, publications can be created directly via a web frontend. This functionality is optimal if you are on the road and an urgent situation requires quick action.
  • DocGen generation: A generation process developed by Content Software which offers the most comprehensive possibilities by separating data, layout and content.

Research providers are exposed to constantly growing cost pressure. The creation and provision of research content is cost-intensive. In addition, there is the growing demand of customers for a modern, up-to-date provision of research content in portals, apps, social media, contribution platforms and E-mail. The separation of data, layout and content enables the provision of research content into various distribution channels (multichanneling) in the layout optimized for the respective channel on the basis of one and the same research information. According to the principle: Write once use everywhere. This applies to both research financial data and research texts. This allows research content to be optimally marketed and made available in a time-saving and thus cost-saving manner. In short, the elaborately created research information is used to the maximum.

Understandably, MiFID II is currently on everyone's lips as it is one of the most far-reaching directives of recent years. For this reason alone, we could not afford not to comply with this directive with CS Research. In addition to this regulation, there are numerous other regulatory requirements that CS Research also meets, such as GDPR, MAR, BAIT, MaRisk to name just a few.

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