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Use portals for optimal presentation
and marketing of your research content

Portals are your business card on the Internet. Use this for a professional external effect. In combination with the multichanneling concept of CS Research and the statistical evaluation of accesses, portals are the appropriate means to use MiFID II as a competitive advantage.

Provide your clients with the added value they miss elsewhere (subscription maintenance, access to further research content, own analysis options (screening), access to key figure models, HTML publications with access options from on the road (smartphone).

Optimal interaction between portal and core system

Your benefits from Research Portals

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Professional public image

Professional and smart business card

  • Portals in Responsive Design for optimal presentation from smartphone to desktop
  • Portals as Apps
  • Portals in your Corporate Design
  • Legally compliant: MiFID II, GDPR, etc.
  • Consistent provision of research statements in the portal and publications
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Useful functionalities

Streamline your processes and differentiate yourself from your competitors

  • HTML publications in response design
  • Interactive access to research content
  • Customers maintain their subscription themselves
  • Own analysis options (screening)
  • Access to key figure models
  • Access to audio and video files
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Excellent analysis capabilities

Portals are the appropriate means to use MiFID II as a competitive advantage

  • excellent analysis capabilities - what was read whwn, how often and by whom
  • Teaser new customers with research extracts

The efficient analysis options enable you to focus on the economically meaningful research content.

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Take advantage of our many years of expertise in the implementation of research portals.

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