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Case Study CS Quant Engine




The client is a fund boutique. Fund boutiques do not have a mass business, they are rather specialised and offer hand-picked funds or strategies. Despite this specialisation, the PRIIPs Regulation applies without restriction to these companies.

The client needs a system that is as easy to use as possible, which takes care of the calculations within the framework of the PRIIP Regulation. This system should inform the user about mathematical-technical peculiarities in the calculations and inform him in case of anomalies, so that he can react if necessary and avoid the publication of misleading information to the investors.


  • The input data must be abstracted to leave the complexity of the calculation to the system.
  • The upload mechanism should be user-friendly.
  • The results of the calculation should be visible via the application and the associated results should be available for download.
  • The system shall check the input and output data quality and inform the user in case of abnormalities.
  • Information from the system should not have technical content, but should be "understandable" messages.
  • In case of significant changes in the results, which require the generation of a new KIDS, the user shall be informed.
  • Despite the extensive requirements, the fixed costs for the system should be minimal.


  • CS Quant Engine uses a human-readable format for the input data (CSV) and the results (JSON). In the input data, only the required data of the financial instrument is queried. Data transformations are handled by the CS Quant Engine.
  • The upload is carried out via the web interface in a user-friendly way by drag & drop.
  • All relevant information can be clearly viewed on the web interface. In addition to a graphical representation of the results, downloading in JSON format is also possible.
  • The CS Quant Engine checks the input data for validity and plausibility and informs the customer of any anomalies via the web interface.
  • Development of a "serverless" IT architecture.



The customer saves considerable time and effort for checking and filtering calculations and results. Thanks to reliable control mechanisms, new KIDs, for example, are created automatically without the need for manual checks.
All information is located in a user-friendly way on the web interface; data can be uploaded very easily, quickly and in a structured form, results can be visualised and downloaded, and detailed information on data quality can be viewed.
Thanks to the serverless architecture, CS Quant Engine also offers an attractive pricing model for fund providers away from mass business and enables them to use all functions cost-effectively even for individual requirements.