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CS Quant Engine calculates all risk, performance and cost indices required for PRIIP-KID creation, as well as transaction costs under MiFID II.

CS Quant Engine performs 560 million (!) simulations per second. In addition to this enormous time saving, CS Quant Engine above all increases the calculation quality: checking algorithms extract implausible calculations; transparent reports enable a quick error analysis. As SaaS, CS Quant Engine also offers unprecedented flexibility.

During the development of the CS Quant Engine, attention was paid to good performance and scalability from the very beginning. 560 million (!) simulations per second can be carried out. More than 1,000 parallel calculations are possible. If necessary, additional calculation units are used to achieve the required calculation speed.

Especially with calculations, high quality is crucial. It is less a question of whether the computer calculates correctly (which is a basic requirement). Rather, it is about the question: How plausible is the result? State-of-the-art statistical methods are used to check the plausibility of the results and identify anomalies.

Since CS Quant Engine is offered as SaaS, it offers the maximum possible flexibility: it is constantly available for all calculations - there is no unused capacity.

CS Quant Engine already supports numerous standard calculations. Individual calculation methods can be easily integrated thanks to the plug-in possibilities. Just talk to us about what you need.

CS Quant Engine is equally suitable for small and large calculation volumes. The SaaS solution also enables providers with a small number of financial instruments to use it efficiently and economically.

CS Quant Engine offers both a REST API for integration into automated processes as well as a web interface through which calculations can be initiated manually and results can be viewed.

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