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MiCA regulation

New requirements from 30 June 2024 

With the introduction of the Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation (MiCAR) on 30 June 2024, binding rules and standards will come into force for all players in the crypto-asset sector: Issuers of distributed ledger technology-based crypto-assets such as e-money tokens, value-referenced tokens and utility tokens must prepare a detailed whitepaper on each crypto-asset in machine- and human-readable form, have it approved by the supervisory authority and publish it. In addition, all transaction data (pre-trade and post-trade data) must be regularly updated, risk assessments and compliance records provided and reported by the supervisory authority.

If additional marketing information is published alongside the whitepaper, the content of these documents must also be permanently consistent with the whitepaper.


Are you ready for all new MiCA regulations? 


Create MiCAR documents quickly and securely!

With CS Legal you can create, update, manage and distribute all MiCAR documents digitally quickly, easily and securely at any time. CS Quant Engine  automatically calculates the required key figures (such as risk values) and integrates them directly into the whitepaper. Transmission, calculation or operating errors are completely eliminated through automation; updates are implemented reliably and simultaneously at all relevant points in all documents.
This allows you to offer your investors transparent and meaningful marketing information in addition to the mandatory whitepaper without any additional time expenditure - and in all required official languages.


Integrated eXtensible Business Reporting Language (iXBRL) 

CS Legal creates all your documents in human- and machine-readable iXBRL format. This means that your whitepapers can not only be displayed in web browsers and easily read by your investors, but also easily processed digitally by regulatory authorities. This makes your entire submission and publication process much more efficient and accurate and creates reliable comparability and transparency for regulators and investors.


Regulatory 693x400

Legal certainty

through reliable compliance with all MiCAR regulations.Thanks to iXBRL, you can present all financial data in a standardised, structured and transparent way and reliably meet all MiCAR reporting and disclosure requirements.

Time 693x400

Time saving

thanks to fully automated creation, updating, publication and distribution of the white paper.

This frees up resources for your actual business!

effizienz und qualitaet 693 x 400

Efficiency and quality

through automated data processing and elimination of manual processing errors.

This makes your entire creation and submission process simpler, more accurate and more efficient!

Use the possibilities of CS Legal  and CS Quant Engine and the advantages of the powerful iXBRL format not only for your whitepapers!
With CS Legal you  can create, manage and publish all your financial documents easily, quickly and securely.

Our clients successfully use CS Legal  for e.g.:


  • Basic information sheets (BIB, PRIIP-KIDs)
  • Key investor information (WAI, UCITS KIIDs, KIDs)
  • Product information sheets (PIB, customer information sheets)
  • Sales prospectuses
  • factsheets
  • CSRD reporting
  • ESG reporting
  • 307 documents
  • General / Special Terms and Conditions of Investment (contractual terms)
  • Tripartite agreements (tripartite agreements)
  • Final Terms (Final Terms)
  • Semi-annual / annual reports




CS Legal und CS QE Software

The more documents, the greater your options!
By the way:You can use both CS Legal and CS Quant Engine as SaaS in the cloud.




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