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Generate Factsheets for your fonds

The manual generation and continuous updating of Factsheets is time-consuming and expensive. Information from a wide variety of sources must be inserted, continuously updated, checked for legal compliance if necessary, and distributed to many different communication channels, sometimes in multiple languages. This not only costs time, but can also quickly lead to unnoticed errors, omissions or inconsistencies when processing changes via copy & paste - a high risk, especially with an increasing number of financial instruments.


Optimize your processes!

With CS Legal you can generate, update, manage and distribute all your Factsheets digitally at any time - quickly, easily and securely. This not only saves time and costs, but also creates reliable legal certainty for all your documents. CS Quant Engine automatically calculates all required key figures (e.g. performance indicators) and integrates them directly into the document. This not only saves time and costs, but also creates reliable legal security for all your documents.

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Legal security

All changes, additions and updates to product data or text elements are integrated fully automatically at all relevant points in your Factsheets. So you can be sure that all your Factsheets are always up to date, error-free and legally compliant, even in multiple languages if required.

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Time saving 

Time-consuming, manual editing via copy & paste is eliminated, as are time-consuming checks and reworking. This is because the template-based generation, regular updating and distribution of your Factsheets to many different communication channels is fully automated. This frees up personnel and time resources!

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Efficiency and quality

Your entire process becomes simpler, faster and more secure - and thus much more efficient! In addition, your Factsheets achieve a high and reliable quality.

Of course, you can also use CS Legal to generate and manage other document types easily, quickly and securely.

Our customers use CS Legal successfully for e.g.:

  • (UCITS-) KIIDs and KIDs
  • 307 documents
  • Investment Terms
  • Tripartite Contracts
  • Final Terms
  • Sales Prospectuses
  • Base Prospectuses
  • Annual/ Semi-Annual Reports
  • .....

Furthermore, optimize your added value by automatic data calculations and integration into your documents with CS Quant Engine.

Both CS Legal and CS Quant Engine are available as SaaS in the cloud.

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