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Case Study "Cross-platform-technology"

Rapid market expansion through cross-platform technology



Content Software was commissioned by a start-up company in the financial sector to develop an app for iOS and Android from an existing web application. The development was to be done efficiently and cost-effectively within a few weeks in order to quickly build up reach and address new user groups.


  • Short development timeframe: rapid deployment of apps
  • Low development and cost requirements: No restrictions on desired native functionalities ("look & feel" like native app)
  • Good user experience and performance on all devices
  • Runs on Android and iOSResponsive design (retaining the already developed UI)
  • Publication of the apps in stores


  • Consistent orientation of the architecture towards cross-platform capability right from the start
  • Use of Capacitor as a cross-platform technology for rapid implementation of web apps that can run on iOS and Android, and support for native functionalities
  • Agile project management for fast, efficient, quality-assured project development


  • Fast "time to market": Within a very short period of time, the customer was given the opportunity to offer all functions of the existing web application on all platforms at the same time.
  • High-performance native app with all desired native functionalities
  • Recognition and support of the brand image through consistent implementation of the UX/UI design on all user platforms
  • Low development and maintenance costs due to cross-platform development approach
  • Rapid build-up of reach: addressing new user groups through apps for Android and iOS
  • Securing pioneer market position through rapid market expansion: rapid deployment of existing web application as apps through rapid cross-platform development