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Case Study CS Consulting




Development of an Investing-Advice-Platform for Digital Self-Deciders.

A start-up company in the financial industry needed a completely new technology to build a unique investing advice platform that would help investors take full responsibility for their own investments.

Content Software, as a technology provider for the financial sector, was commissioned to develop an investing-advice platform. This platform was to enable beginners as well as stock market specialists to receive individualized investment suggestions, analyze them and make investments. In addition, the user should participate in the experiences of others and have access to further background information from the financial sector.


  • Time-to-market: implementing the idea as quickly as possible to secure the "pioneer" position
  • High UI/ UX requirements:
    • Good visual design and user guidance that enables users with a wide range of previous knowledge (stock market beginners, investment experts) to use the system optimally
    • Understandable and comprehensible explanation of complex financial information and application steps
    • Usability on all devices (Responsive Design)
  • Large amounts of data to be processed from various sources
  • High and constant responsiveness, even with demand volatility
    • Constantly updated financial data/real-time prices (real-time data processing)
    • High user volume
    • Calculation of complex analysis models
  • Fast, regular functionality enhancements and updates
  • Good scalability for flexible order situations
  • Cost-effective operation


  • Decided on a serverless architecture using AWS cloud native services (DynamoDB, AppSync, Glue, Lambda, etc.) to flexibly process large amounts of data and realize scalable and cost-effective operations
  • Close ongoing collaboration between UI/UX design and product development teams
  • Usability optimization (UI-/UX) in all phases of the development process for optimal visual design and positive user experience of the investing platform
  • Support of all devices for always optimal user interface and guidance
  • Agile project management for fast, efficient, quality-assured project development


  • The client received a state-of-the-art investing advice platform in a Responsive Design, unique in its form, which is operated serverless in a cost-effective manner.
  • An excellent UX/UI design creates an optimal user experience for users with a wide range of requirements.
  • The customer reaches a very broad target group with this novel platform and thus a high revenue potential.
  • Thanks to the software developed and successfully implemented in a very short time, the customer has created a strong and stable market position for itself as a pioneer.