PRIIP postponement 2023!


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PRIIP postponement 2023!

High time for action: little time for many changes!

The time has come: The plenum of the European Parliament decided on 23.11.2021 to postpone the date of final entry into force of the new PRIIP Regulation (RTS = Regulatory Technical Standards) to 01.01.2023.

Already in the summer of 2021, the BVI, among others, had pointed out that the technical preparations for converting systems and processes to the new PRIIP Regulation would require a period of at least 12 months. The latest decision of the European Parliament once again underlines how seriously and importantly this urgently needed preparation period of at least 12 months demanded by the BVI is taken at European level.

Once again, the countdown has started...because the adaptation of all systems and processes according to the new complex PRIIP KID requirements is a challenge that should not be underestimated; all experts from the fund sector agree on this!

It is therefore high time to start making concrete preparations for the new PRIIP regulation now at the latest!

The next months until the deadline of 01.01.2023 will decide who will be able to continue their business without any problems from January 2023. For all fund providers, the new regulations of the PRIIP Regulation mean enormous adjustments and changes with regard to process and system automation in all phases of mandatory document management.

We at Content Software are happy to support you in this complex transition and preparation with flexible and cost-effective cloud-based services: From the automated calculation of all required PRIIP KID metrics (CS Quant Engine) to the creation, management, publication and distribution of all (mandatory) documents related to your funds (CS Legal). So that you can concentrate on your business and your customers!

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