Cross-Platform: One for all!


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Cross-Platform: One for all!

Content Software uses cross-platform technology for finCraft

After developing the finCraft investing advice platform, Content Software has now turned the start-up's web application into a native app for iOS and Android, creating a cross-platform application to support other devices such as tablets and smartphones in addition to the desktop.

Early in the platform's development, Content Software designed the architecture with cross-platform capability in mind. With the help of a framework integrated into the build process, not only the common browsers but also native iOS and Android apps are now supported. Thanks to single-sourcing, cross-platform can be deployed efficiently and cost-effectively without having to develop the software separately for each platform.

Simultaneous deployment of all functions on all platforms enables a fast "time to market"; thus finCraft can quickly build reach and address a much larger user base without additional effort.


Take advantage of our expertise in cross-platform software development. Provide access to your products to a larger user base and expand your customer base.

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