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From 01.01.2023, the PRIIPs Regulation will also apply to UCITS funds, which were previously exempt from the regulation. For fund providers, this means a conversion of their previous Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs) to the new requirements of the PRIIP KIDs.

Content Software PRIIP-KIDs-Service manages the entire process of calculating, creating, updating, publishing and archiving your PRIIP KIDs, taking into account all legal requirements.


Your benefits:

Time 693x500

High time savings

through automated creation, continuous updating and digital publication of PRIIP KIDs

simple - fast - volume-stable

Process 693x500

High efficiency

through maximum flexibility in calculations, documents and processes

Individual - universal - constantly available

Regulatory 693x500

Reliable legal certainty

and PRIIP compliance through high data security and strict verification algorithms

secure - transparent - reliable

Create, manage and distribute PRIIP-KIDs efficiently

The Content Software PRIIP-KIDs-Service provides maximum relief from all personnel- and time-intensive tasks and processes, offering you all conceivable options for efficiently importing data, calculating, generating documents and making them available to all addressees quickly and easily.


Fully automated

All calculations required for PRIIP KIDs, such as risk, performance and cost indicators, are automated, as is the integration of the data into the corresponding KID documents. Numerous calculation and checking algorithms guarantee stable reliability and security, even for large data volumes and complex investment products.


Permanent updating

Thanks to the continuous feed of all calculation data, all key figures (risk, performance, cost indicators) and PRIIP KIDs are always kept up to date and automatically updated immediately if changes are required.


Maximum flexibility - always and everywhere

Individual calculation models and configuration options for data, texts and layout enable your PRIIP KIDs to be used universally for a wide range of investment products. All KIDs are available to investors at all times (even before the contract is concluded) at all points of sale. The use as SaaS in the cloud gives you maximum flexibility.

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In addition to the PRIIP-KID-Service, we can of course offer you the complete management of all other mandatory regulatory documents such as KIIDs, PIBs, Factsheets, Final Terms, Sales Prospectuses, etc.

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